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Some People may like to *Just Visit* the Horses!

I get phone calls from people who ask me : Can we come for just visiting the horses, please?

So I have decided to say YES!

There are many reasons to come here and have a visit with the horses.
Some people would like to get to know the breed, some others wish to pat a horse, and some miss having horses in their lives. Then it can be educational with horses in general, physically for patting and loving those big sweet and furry pets, or you can gather info about the Icelandic horses and what you can do with them, if you are interested in the breed already.

So I will make some time and be there for you and your needs,
and there is a charge of  $50.-  to come see and visit with the horses for one hour.
I will arrange for you to see and meet the horses in a safe way.

click on the faded pics on the side to make them move

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