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 A little River Video

The San Juan River on the Ranch 

The river is so beautiful!
It is very peaceful here at the ranch, especially to sit down by the river, and maybe dipping the feet in the cooling water and listen to mother nature.

  I made this little video of the San Juan river on the ranch with text, because I had the ranch for sale,
or still is if things can be arranged right for me. It seems very difficult to find a new place with so many horses, and I need to find a new place first, because we need to have a pace to go to! 
I do not have a real estate listing with an agent anymore by now, but still wish to move more into the mountains. It is too hot for me here during summers, and especially for my Icelandic horses it is too hot for riding during the heat of summer month. So I would have to find my new place first, before selling this ranch, and it seems a problem with the way the market is now.

I decided to sale the ranch, because it is way too much work for lonely me in addition to all the work with so many  horses... I was hoping for a partner in order to have the ranch together, but it seems that it is not the time for that now. I wish to move to higher elevation, a bit more into the mountains, where summers are cooler and better for me and my horses.


If someone could help me to make a better little ranch video with maybe the help of a drone,
that would be perfect!

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