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 Experiance A Ranch Vacation

We have one little loft in the barn with a king size bed or two single beds for horsey friends to be our guests, 
or you can bring your camper, van or put up a tent by the river.
Send me a e-mail if you like to come visit!

The barn-
loft is our guest room during the warmer month of the year.
This guest room is in the barn, access is trough the tack room, and it can also be used for a Workshop.
During the very cold months of the year, this barn-loft is not suitable. It is only a little room and too small for families with kids or for two parties. Please don't ask me to accommodate a few people, because this is not possible at the time now. I have only a smaller ranch house and this loft in the barn. The sleeping space is only for 2 guests, unless they plan to camp on their own down by the river.  I do not have hook-ups.
Please send me a e-mail if you like to stay at the ranch.

There is a description of the space on the page for the guest room, please click here to get there.

This winter, I will be working on finishing the second bigger room in the barn loft as well...

so that there can be an additional nice-sized bed room.

I hope that all of my guests will enjoy their time here at our 112 acre ranch with the horses, the beautiful San Juan river running through it, and all the wildlife that call this place their home as well.  As your friend and  host, I am here to make your stay as comfortable, enjoyable and relaxing as I can!

 I am trying to be there for you, if there is a need,
and I will give my best!


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