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 We use STüBBEN Saddles & Tack 

The Stübben saddles are made in my hometown in Switzerland.

They are the best quality saddles that can be found and they are well-known world-wide for their quality.
Stübben has a whole collection of saddles that are especially made for the Icelandic horses.
I can order an Icelandic Stübben saddle for you, if you would like one for your own horse.

About the Saddles

The key partnership of Stübben and Benni Lindal has produced one the best quality Icelandic saddle
collections available in the world today. Icelandic master trainer Benni Lindal has for the past
few decades devoted himself to the training and development of the Icelandic horse.
His work has concentrated on a horse friendly style of riding, building from the classical principles of suppleness
and dressage exercises that are recognized and supported by riders world-wide. The specific Icelandic gaits are
encouraged through the horse's natural suppleness and eagerness to go forward.
So what makes these saddles so different for you the rider?
The combination of Stübben manufacturing and Benni Lindal's expertise has produced a range of tailored saddles
made for the exact requirements of flat work for dressage and the specific gaits tolt and flying pace.
The saddle's shape and balanced seat places you the rider more easily above the center of balance. The horse's
 sensitive lumbar region is protected and cared for by the unique Stübben steel spring tree. And the tree's
flexibility and strength gives both you and your horse a chance for perfect harmony. A generous and comfortably
 designed seat also allows you complete freedom of movement when you require tolt or flying pace.

Click here to gather more info and to have a look at the saddles.

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