Contact me via E-Mail or Phone

Please put as a subject in your mail, especially if writing not trough this pages messenger.
Like this;  "Moni's website" or the name of the horse, if you are interested in one that is for sale.
For example "Héla", otherwise I may not opening the mail and it will end up in the trash.

I will give you my phone number after contacting me trough the mail below.


After making an appointment with Monika, you will drive approximately one hour from Durango or 50 min. from Pagosa Springs. 

Directions from Durango: drive to Ignacio, then trough Arboles and after crossing the Piedra River go onto the C.R.500 to your right hand. Then watch your milage, it is 12 miles from where you enter the 500 towards Pagosa J
unction. After the 12 miles you have the C.R.557 to your right and my entrance gate is just steps after this intersection. There are two huge cottonwood trees with their arms over the road, then a third one by my entrance gate. The green gate has a white sign with ranch name and 2 horses. if the road goes stepp uphill, you are too far, the GPS has the entrance on the wrong place!

From Pagosa Springs; Head towards Bayfield/Durango on HWY 160. Drive about 17 miles and then take the left-turn onto HWY 151 towards Chimney Rock Monument and Arboles, drive 17 miles and enter to your left into the C.R.500. It is a scenic byway road and marked as that. Then watch you milage ad drive 12 miles to get here. (see above)

There are other ways to get here but longer distances on dirt roads, so go for the easiest way when you drive here for the first time!

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