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This is our Guest-Room in the Barn
Prices for Barn-Loft
or Camping by the River


The main barn next to the farm house has a loft upstairs with 1 bedroom, that is a rustic & friendly guest room for our friends that have the same passion as we do, Horses! The bath room with shower is at the lower level where the tack room is. The lower level is also for ranch use, because it needs to be accessed for all the horse chores and tack-room that needs access to it on a daily basis. 

Staying at the ranch and sleeping in the barn loft is:

$ 100.- for 1 person and $ 120.- for 2 people per night

This Price is for our horsey friends if not doing a workshop or if adding vacation time to a workshop
Cleaning fee at the end is $25.-
minimum stay is 2 nights

Ranch breakfast after your choice for $25.- is available by ordering the evening ahead.

No pets inside the barn or house, and take out what you take in!
Please read the site for the Ranch Rules before coming to the ranch.
Please note that this is a private Ranch and not an official B&B, and it is only available for guests that are already known as friends.

Description of the Barn Loft
It has two singe beds and a balcony for stargazing, and is only made for one couple or for 2 close friends,
because it is a small room. It is not suitable for kids and pets. You can bring your own Camper and all your pets if you like to camp down by the river. The guest room is set up so that 1 or maybe 2 horse-loving friends can come to stay for learning more about the Icelandic horse or take riding lessons. Or maybe go sight-seeing or all of it and have a nice little vacation here. It is only suitable during the warmer month of the year, because  heating it and keep it warm  is a problem. 
There are some links below for recommended activities.

The Campsite by the river
On the other side of the river there is a campsite available, all private space, but NO hook-ups. Kids and pets are allowed there! You have to bring our own gear and take out what you take in, no garbage and nothing left behind!  Thank you for being respectful towards nature and for your understanding about taking out what you take in. 

Camping is $ 80.- per night for one camper and up to 4 people ( 2 adults and 2 kids) with one vehicle.
Payment in cash while check-in at the ranch house and signing a waiver. Please read our Ranch Rules first.


There are so many things to do when you stay at the ranch!  Bring your camera for wildlife and nature photos, go hiking, biking and exploring in the Carson National Forest, Weminuche National Forest, and nearby Navajo Lake State Park. You can fish, or bring your own boat for paddling, rafting and kayaking the river, or bring your boat for the Navajo Lake at the state park. Go sight-seeing at the ancient ruins at Chimney Rock or Mesa Verde, or enjoy the Hot Springs in Pagosa Springs. Book a train ride on the historic Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad, or go river rafting in Pagosa or Durango. There are some links below.Horseback trail riding lessons are available for intermediate to advanced riders.( see the info about riding and weight limits on the Riding page).  
You can send me a e-mail on the page for contact if you would like to come here.

Thank you!

Here below are links on *what to do and what to go see!*

Links to the ancient ruins Chimney Rock and Mesa Verde

Go soak at the Hot Springs or River Rafting in Pagosa Springs

Durango Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad

   or maybe you like to go fishing in the river on the ranch

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